Ocean Brothers Rowing for Skin Cancer – 6 – 11 week Atlantic journey

Ocean Brothers Rowing
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Ocean Brothers Rowing for Skin Cancer –  they’re determined to complete the challenge. Being in a boat is not necessarily their thing.  In the video you will see how determined they are to make it to the end.

Ocean Brothers rowing for Skin Cancer are Jude and Greg.  Known as team Ocean Brothers, they will set off in January 2018 to cross the Atlantic Ocean. Their aim is to raise money for the British Skin Foundation.

The brother’s late father and stepfather passed away in August 2015 when Jude was age 16 after an arduous 16-year long battle with skin cancer.

One year following his death the brothers made a decision to cross the second largest ocean in the world, in memory of him.

This means, training and training hard.  They devote all their spare time to getting prepared for the challenge.

The Ocean Brothers believe it will take them between six and eleven weeks to complete the arduous journey.  They will be rowing the ocean in a 24ft boat.

Not that big but it is part of the journey they will take to help raise funds.

For more and to donate visit https://www.oceanbrothers.co.uk/

video courtesy Ocean Brothers. Videographer: Adam Rowley

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