Martin McGinness Sinn Féin Politician Dies – burial Bogside Londonderry

Martin McGinness Sinn Féin Politician Dies

Martin McGinness Sinn Féin Politician Dies  He was 66.

Sinn Féin’s Martin McGuinness, Northern Ireland’s former deputy first minister, has died aged 66.

It is understood he had been suffering from a rare heart condition.

The former IRA leader turned peacemaker worked at the centre of the power-sharing government in Stormont.  This followed the 1998 Good Friday Agreement.

The Queen has sent a private message to Mr McGuinness’ widow, Buckingham Palace confirmed.

There were seismic moments in his time in government.  The famous handshake with the Queen in 2012 and a toast to her Majesty at Windsor Castle was the most powerful.

Mr McGuinness became deputy first minister in 2007.  He stood alongside Democratic Unionist Party leaders Ian Paisley, Peter Robinson and Arlene Foster.

McGuinness stood down from his post in January in protest against the DUP’s handling of an energy scandal. It triggered a snap election.

Leaders around the world have sent tributes to the family of Martin McGuinness. Prime Minister Theresa May said she could never condone the path he took in the earlier part of his life. But “Martin McGuinness ultimately played a defining role in leading the republican movement away from violence”.

This video takes a look at the life of Martin McGinness

video BBC Northern Ireland.  Correspondent Chris Buckler


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