Theresa May Signs Billion Pound Wales Deal – science digital innovation future

Theresa May Sings £1.3bn Wales Deal

Theresa May Signs billion pound Wales Deal – ‘People want a country that works for everyone”.  Watch video of the digital future for Swansea

Prime Minister Theresa May has signed off the Swansea Bay City Region deal, insisting she wants Wales “at the forefront of science and innovation”.

The plan is expected to create more than 9,000 jobs and trigger almost £1.3bn of investment in south-west Wales.

Mrs May said the deal would help show a country which “works for everyone”.

It comes as First Minister Carwyn Jones told the Guardian Mrs May had a “tin ear” on issues of devolution.

European Union

BBC Wales economics correspondent Sarah Dickins explains about what the city deal aims to bring

Downing Street said Mrs May’s visits to the four UK nations, which began in Wales, would ensure the government was “engaging and listening to people from right across the nation” as it prepared to leave the European Union.

video BBC Wales

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