RAW trailer – Apr 7 – coming of age drama horror

RAW trailer
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From one of Variety’s top directors, Julia Ducournau, comes RAW z sexy and stunning directorial debut. The trailer is stunning do miss it! Hits British cinemas April 7

This is how it goes…

The film is an incredibly touching, visceraly coming-of-age story.  Everyone in Justine’s (Garance Marillier) is a vet.  And a vegetarian. When she starts at veterinary school, she enters a decadent, merciless and dangerously seductive world. She strays from her family principles when she eats raw meat for the first time during a hazing ritual at her new Veterinary school.  Justine will soon face the terrible and unexpected consequences of her actions as her true self begins to emerge…


RAW has won numerous acclaim and awards at various film festivals including Cannes, Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), SITGES, BFI London, Fantastic Fest, Monster Fest and various others.

Director:  Julia Ducournau

Writer:  Julia Ducournau (dialogue), screenplay

Cast:  Garance Marillier as Justine, Rabah Nait Oufella as Adrien, Ella Rumpf as Alexis, Joana Preis as Mother, Laurent Lucas as Father

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