Molly Monster – trailer – Apr 21 – charming story

Molly Monster trailer
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Molly Monster is a great animation so don’t miss the trailer.  It will arrive in British cinemas April 21

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime as Molly Monster, the latest film from Enchanted Animation, premieres in UK cinemas.  Delightfully heart-warming and beautifully animated, get your family together this spring for a story all about new beginnings.

This is how it goes

The film is about the deeply loved only monster of Popo and Etna Monster.  MM spends her days in familiar surroundings playing with her best friend Edison, a clockwork toy with a life of his own.  But when Mama gives birth to an egg, which Papa has been keeping warm, Molly sets out on a journey to find her new place in the family.  The journey takes her far away from home and over the Wild Hills to Egg Island, where she is reunited with her Mama and Papa, and her new mini-monster sibling.  Molly deals with the theme of becoming a sister of a brother and the excitement that comes with it from the point of view of a small child.

How it came together

MM is a charming piece of story telling for pre-school children which teaches them about family bonding and friendship.

Director:  Ted Sieger, Michael Ekbladh, Matthias Bruhn

Cast:  Tom Eastwood as Uncle Alfredo, Sophie Rois as Molly Monster, Klaus-Dieter Klebsch,  Gerrit Schmidt-F as Edison #2 / Big Mama / Uncle Santiago, Judy Winter as Mama, Jay Simon as Edison #1, Papa #1

How it reaches the big screen

Distributed in the UK and Ireland by Enchanted Animation.  They are a film distribution company launched in the UK in 2015.

The film is an adventure

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