Rare Twin Foals Born – catch them having fun on the farm

Rare twin foals born

Rare Twin Foals Born

Twin foals, a rarity in the equine world, have been born on a farm in Suffolk.

The two Welsh cobs, called Tilly and Lilly, are just over a week old and are doing well under the watchful eye of mum Rose on the farm at Wingfield.

It is unusual for a mare to be allowed to carry twins to full-term as it can be dangerous and lead to complications, but Rose’s pregnancy was too far developed to safely intervene, owner Lee Smith said.

Equine vet Chris Lehrbach said he had only known of two pairs of twin foals born in more than 20 years – with the odds of survival believed to be one-in-10,000.

It is amazing to see how healthy and vibrant they look.  Twins are having no problem with running and feeding

Cameras were given permission to go in and film the new born foals and catch them frolicking around in the field on the farm.

video BBC Suffolk

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