MPs Debate Brexit Bill – Lords Amendments Rejected – watch again

Debate Key Brexit Bill 2nd Reading - Day 2

MPs Debate Brexit Bill in the House of Commons after the Lords made two dramatic changes.  They began their battle LIVE MONDAY 13 at 4.15PM.  Watch again from 16:25:17


1) reject EU citizens rights in UK:  Yes 335, No 287

2) reject parliament get “meaningful vote” on any Brexit deal:  Yes:  331,  No:  286

The Brexit Bill now goes back to the House of Lords for the final ‘blessing’.

House of Lords threw out the Bill with two amendments that threatened to delay Prime Minister’s plans to trigger article 50 by the end of March.

Peers demanded change that would give EU citizens rights to stay in the UK.  The other alteration was that both Houses get to vote on the terms of the deal for the UK leaving the EU.  This resulted in former Prime Minister Lord Heseltine being sacked from his position as an advisor to the government.

Scenes are expected to be noisy and loud among the MPs in the Chamber. But analysts have said Theresa May will win the day and the Bill will go through.  Once that happens the process for triggering Article 50 begins.

We will be on our way

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