A Quiet Passion – trailer – April 7 – life of Emily Dickinson

A Quiet Passion - trailer
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Watch this fabulous trailer for A Quiet Passion which tells the story of Emily Dickinson.  It hits British cinemas April 7

This is how it goes…

As a child, Emily Dickinson lives with her Father, brother Austin and sister Vinnie. Emily is a passionate writer, and sends her poetry to a local paper.  The editor is not interested and condescending about her work.

Several years on, Emily is still passionate about her poetry. Vinnie introduces her to Miss Vryling Buffam, an outspoken and vivacious socialite. Miss ‘VB’ not only shocks Emily but begins to influence her too.  She soon upsets the local Pastor and her father by refusing to kneel in prayer.

Miss Dickinson is soon distracted by the arrival of Reverend Wadsworth. He is thoughtful, handsome, a beautiful orator – and happily married.

The Poet plucks up the courage to share her poetry with him, and is delighted that he is impressed with her work.  When he leaves for San Francisco she becomes unhappy. Vinnie chastises her, shocked by Emily’s attraction to a married man.

In her later years Emily lives as a reclusive and an unrecognised artist.

Shot in Belgium and Massachusetts, A Quiet Passion paints a sympathetic but far from idealistic portrait of one of America’s greatest poets.

Directed by:  Terence Davies

Writer:  Terence Davies

Stars:  Cynthia Nixon, Jennifer Ehle, Keith Karradine, Jodhi May, Catherine Bailey

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