Kong: Skull Island European Premiere – Leicester Square red carpet

Kong: Skull Island European Premiere
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Kong: Skull Island European Premiere.  Movie arrives in British cinemas March 10

There was a massive welcome for the stars and crew of the Ape film as they walked the red carpet in Leicester Square.

The one who caught a lot of attention was Tom Hiddleston who plays an SAS agent on an island full of monsters.  What he and the rest of the team did not know they were there, especially KONG!

Tom was in demand for autographs which he was only too pleased to give.  He’s a great performer!

Director, Jordan Vogt-Roberts was overwhelmed with the reception he and the stars were given when they arrived for the premiere.  He looked incredible with his extra long beard. He described the greeting as ‘insane’

Samuel L Jackson looked fab at the glitzy event.  He was cool and calm a far cry from his action packed role in Kong: Skull Island.

Brie Larson said the red carpet affair was ‘insane’.  She was overwhelmed by the screams and shouts from the fans


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