Beauty and the Beast UK Launch – Emma Watson is stunning🌟

Beauty and the Beast UK Launch
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Beauty and the Beast UK Launch.  In cinemas March 17.

It was a magic affair. Super star Emma Watson looked totally glamorous.  Her gown was just gorgeous and her Harry Potter image soon disappears. She had a lot of help to keep it in place and looking hot.

Other super stars, Dan Stevens and Luke Evans also looked fab.  They were wearing the smartest suits ever.

Dan praised the design and creativity that went into the mask he wore for his character ‘Beast’.  He said it was easy to speak.

Luke is impressed with the themes and messages that the movie delivers.  “Don’t judge a book by its cover” and “Love conquers all” are just a couple of them.

The launch event had a touch of snow mainly to add to the atmosphere of the premiere.

Emma is so excited about her role in Beauty and the Beast.  She couldn’t wait to talk about it in the UK. The movie has been finished for some time.

Watch the video of the stars at the glitzy celebration!


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