Lace Wedding Dress Found – “over the moon”

Lace Wedding dress found
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Lace Wedding Dress found – overjoyed

A 150-year-old lace wedding dress has been found.  Tess Newell thought it had gone missing when she arranged to pick it up from the cleaners.

They had gone bust and there was no sign of her great-great-grandmother’s lace gown which dates back to 1870.

Tess proudly walked down the aisle in June last year wearing the beautiful wedding dress.  She sent it to be dry cleaned in September and the shop was closed in October.

The business is now being dealt with under Scottish bankrupt law in a process known as sequestration.

The bride from Haddington, East Lothian, launched a Facebook appeal to help track down the dress.  Her husband, Alfred is also from East Lothian. The post went viral.  Tess said she was overwhelmed with response.

Her appeal was heard by landlords of the building in Edinburgh where the Kleen Cleaners used to be.  They contacted Tess to let he know of the discovery

video BBC Scotland  Photos Seth Baines

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