Speaker Rejects Idea Trump Speak in Parliament – applauded by MPs

Bercow rejects
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Speaker Rejects Idea Trump Speak in Parliament. His remarks have been added to the millions who also disagree with the US President’s visit to the House of Commons.  Pressure is mounting for the Government to have a re-think about a visit.

The Rt Hon John Bercow is the highest Member at the Palace of Westminster and he has publicly rejected having President Trump address Parliament.

Mr Bercow told MPs “opposition to racism and sexism” were “hugely important considerations”.  For these reasons he was not prepared to welcome Trump to Westminster.  He also said it was not an automatic right but an “earned’ honour.

He was applauded and cheered by MPs after his comments.

Government sources have described John Bercow’s comments as hugely “political and out of line”.

Bercow said he could not block a state visit by the US President but would use his role as one of the three “key-holders” of Westminster Hall to prevent the Republican from addressing MPs and Peers.

He said it was the “migrant ban” by Mr Trump that led to his decision.

The Speaker, John Bercow, made the remarks in response to a point of order by the Labour MP Stephen Doughty.  Mr Bercow indicated that Downing Street should rethink the offer of a state visit made during Theresa May’s visit to Washington.

Doughty had organised an early day motion, signed by 163 MPs, calling on the Speaker to withhold permission for an address to Westminster.  He told MPs “We value our relationship with the US.  If a state visit takes place that is way beyond the pay grade of the Speaker”. Bercow said he felt strongly about support for equality.

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