Modern Slavery Nail Bars Raided – helpline support hugely successful

Modern Slavery nail bars raided

Modern Slavery Nail Bars Raided after law enforcement agencies discovered they were employing potential victims.

A Charity that specialises in Modern Slavery is urging potential victims to call their helpline for guidance and help. Unseen, a relatively new charity, has a team of advisors, offers free service to those who need it 24/7.

About 100 men and women were seized during a recent blitz on nail bars in Edinburgh, London and Cardiff they were thought to employ citizens without right to be in Britain.

Modern Slavery

It was part of the government’s Operation Magnify targeting ‘risk’ industries. Those detained were said to be Vietnamese.

Immigration Minister, Robert Goodwill said it sent a “strong message” to those who abuse immigration laws. “Modern slavery is a barbaric crime which destroys the lives of some of the most vulnerable in our society.”

Authorities have said that many people working in plain sight in UK in nail bars, on construction sites, in brothels, on cannabis farms and in agriculture are suspected to be modern slaves.

In more than six months since opening, Unseen, has had huge success with its helpline.  The charity has  taken over 1,000 calls, many directly from victims themselves, as well as offering advice and assistance to Police and Social Service personnel across the UK.


The Unseen resource centre’s helpline is: 08000 121 700.  Calls can be made anonymously.

Executive Director for Unseen talked to about tackling Modern Slavery.

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