Spacewalker’s View – scenes are amazing!

Spacewalker's view

Spacewalker’s view of some incredible work in space. It is stunning to be able to catch a site of earth from such a vantage position

ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet completed his first spacewalk 13 January 2017 together with NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough to complete a battery upgrade to the outpost’s power system.

Thomas recorded the spacewalk for the first time with a camera in a space-proof casing that was mounted to a bracket on his chest called the mini work station. This video shows scenes from the spacewalk using this camera. Video has captured some outstanding scenes

Their work may sound simple but remember the astronauts are working with thick gloves and they need to do some delicate and tricky work.  This is when training kicks in and skills take-over. You will see in the video how they handled the rails and batteries.

The spacewalk went as planned and, even better, Shane and Thomas performed a number of extra tasks once they had installed the batteries. They retrieved a failed camera, installed a protective cover on an unused docking port, moved handrails in preparation for future spacewalks and took pictures of external facilities for ground control.

It is fascinating to watch and see how they carried out their tasks with ease.  Shane and Thomas were in constant communication with Mission control. Instructions from base were received loud and clear and helped with guidance for the intricate bits.

Britain is part of the European Space Agency and plans to launch Tim Peake on another mission to the International Space Station. It will happen in near future


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