Theresa May Donald Trump Press Conference – watch again

press conference

Theresa May Donald Trump Press Conference.  Both looked at ease, confident and getting along well. It was considered to be a good start. President Trump invited to visit UK later this year and meet the Queen. This is an important trip

They had some serious time together where they discussed issues like US UK relations and trade. A lunch was arranged for them which Mr Trump said was most enjoyable.  It gave them time to catch up with other interests the two had.

There was much to talk about and as was anticipated trade was top of the agenda. They also wanted to make sure that relations between the two countries was on track and entering a ‘new age’

The PM was anxious to get positive reaction from the President about future deals especially after Brexit.  Donald Trump was not shy to talk about the subject and indicated there would be a lot of wheeling and dealing when Brexit is complete.

These are strong words.  There was pressure for her to bring up the issue of torture. Mr Trump was prepared to leave the decision of torture to his newly appointed General.  US President said he had a lot of faith in him and believed he would make best decision for the country


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