World Landmarks Created With Lego – exhibition Nottingham

World Landmarks Created with Lego

World Landmarks Created With Lego have been made for a new exhibition.

Stonehenge, the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls and the Great Barrier Reef are among 70 well-known sites made with the toy bricks.

Professional Lego builder Warren Elsmore is behind Brick Wonders, on show at Nottinghamshire’s Harley Gallery for the next three months.

He said each of his creations took several months to complete.

Mr Elsmore sources some of the more obscure Lego pieces needed for his creations from online sellers.

His previous exhibition at the Harley Gallery featuring Lego versions of famous buildings was visited by more than 80,000 people in three months.

Lego is one of the most popular toys for children especially boys.  The ability to create all sorts of structures is the main attraction to the ‘bricks’.

Young boy and even adults can spend hours playing with the product so that they can build either a vehicle or tall building.

There are different brick sizes and colours to choose from.  They help with the design and style Lego lovers like to make. They can be kept forever, or broken down to re-create another structure.  This can happen when children are creative and want to keep building different designs from the bricks they have been given.

Coloured Lego bricks of all sizes are found in children’s bedrooms or in some cases in the livingroom!

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