Theresa May Brexit Speech – a Global Britain

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Theresa May Brexit Speech has had an interesting political impact across the nation. Remainers are sceptical of what she has said.  But the Brexiteers are likely to agree with a lot of what she said.  Labour Party warned about dangers in her plans.  Article 50 needs to be served first.

They heard her confirm a single market exit and that both Houses of Parliament would vote on the final deal. Otherwise she is not going to give a day by day summary of how things are going

Mrs May said she had a 12 point plan for a Global Britain.  PM was confident that she could make a deal with the European Union that will benefit the whole of the UK.

She declared that her dozen objectives would add up to “one big goal: a new, positive and constructive partnership between Britain and the European Union”.

The plan included control of immigration she said, rights for EU nationals in Britain and British nationals in the EU. Maintaining the common travel area with Ireland. and free trade with markets in Europe and worldwide.

The Prime Minister also urged that the UK remain united during the negotiations. Together, the four States can help negotiate an exit that will satisfy the nation.

PM confirmed she did not want the UK to be “half-in, half-out” of the EU after the divorce negotiations, nor seek “to hold on to bits of membership” to achieve a “partial” or “associate” membership of the EU.

It was for future generations as well she said.  Mrs May warned “no deal is better than a bad deal”.  It was a strong and determined speech.  She was not afraid and ready to tackle the job.

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