ESA NASA ISS Spacewalk OVER – Watch summary Thomas & Shane

ESA NASA ISS Spacewalk
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Spacewalk maybe over but here are highlights of Thomas and Shane working on changing the batteries. Congratulations to the two great guys for carrying out a successful and tricky mission!  We enjoyed watching them throughout their six hours and 25 minutes in outer space.  Cameras followed them throughout the walk.

ESA Astronaut Thomas Pesquet Spacewalk took place Friday 13 January.  He and NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough exited the International Space Station at 12:05 GMT (13:05 CET). It lasted just over 6 hours

The video has some highlights of the astronauts in action. There are times when it looks pretty tricky.

This is how it all came together outside the International Space Station.

Expedition 50 Commander Shane Kimbrough of NASA and Flight Engineer Thomas Pesquet of the European Space Agency conducted a spacewalk in U.S spacesuits.  Their suit had flags of their country to help identify them.

Shane and Thomas were to upgrade the system for the 1A power channel of the orbital laboratory starboard 4 (S4) truss solar rays.

Shane had a specific role.  Moving adapter plates and batteries Kimbrough completed the work to hook up electrical connections for the last three of six new lithium-ion batteries which had recently been delivered to the station. The final task was to move the last of the old nickel-hydrogen batteries that will be stored on the station.

It was the second spacewalk in a week for Kimbrough and the fourth of his career.  It was the first for Pesquet in the refurbishment of two of the station’s eight power channels.

On Jan 6, Kimbrough and Flight Engineer Peggy Whitson of NASA conducted similar work for the 3A power channel of the station’s S4 solar arrays. This was also successful and praised by ESA and NASA space authorities.

The batteries that were replaced were of the old style which is not used anymore not even on earth.  All new batteries are now of the lithium ion type.


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