Proxima Docks ISS – Thomas, Peggy, Oleg on board – Watch Again

Proxima Docks ISS the team


Proxima Docks ISS – It was a successful landing and the three astronauts are in their new home for the next six months

NASA and ESA broadcast live the arrival of the Soyuz Expedition 50 – 51 between 24:00 – 02:00 GMT. The three astronauts had special training for the mission so should be well prepared for the change of atmosphere.

The astronauts joining the Station are ESA’s Thomas Pesquet, NASA’s Peggy Whitson and Russian commander Oleg Novitsky.

When the hatch opened the three entered the International Space Station, looking happy, enthusiastic but a little tired.

They were welcomed by the current crew, Commander Shane Kimbrough of NASA and cosmonauts Sergey Ryzhikov and Andrey Borisenko.

On earth officials, families and friends were able to watch the live broadcast and later speak to the Astronauts. Peggy Whitson got a special welcome as it was her third trip

The launch for the International Space Station was on Friday November 17 from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.  They landed November 20

It was a successful lift-off for the three astronauts.  One of them has special status. NASA’s Peggy Whitson is marking and celebrating her third trip to the Space Station.

The veteran astronaut is the first woman to have commanded the ISS and already holds the record for the longest time spent in space by a woman.

This time – turning 57 while on mission – she is the oldest woman in space.

We wish them good luck on their mission


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