Do Women Prefer Men With Tattoos – worth the pain

Do women prefer men with tattoos
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Do women prefer men with tattoos. Well it has been suggested they do by a group of scientific researchers. They have been following the subject for some time and were eager for the results:

Men who have tattoos are more attractive to women. That is according to scientists. Researchers who carried out the study, discovered that those who go through the painful inking process found that, for men, the benefits outweighed the risks.

Writing in the journal Personality and Individual Differences they revealed that: “Women perceived tattoos as a signal of good health, masculinity, aggressiveness and dominance,” and a “higher social rank.”

Tattoos may also scare-off rivals. “Men’s tattoos may intimidate same-sex rivals as a signal of physical preponderance” they said.

The findings come as there is a constant demand and enthusiasm for inking.  One in five Britons – and a third of young adults – have at lease one tattoo.  It has been driven mainly by the popularity of wearing tattoos among celebrities and personalities like the former footballer David Beckham. His body is covered

Older stars are also fans.  Dame Judi Dench had the words “Carpe Diem” – seize the day – tattooed on her wrist to celebrate her 81st birthday.  She was proud to display it to the nation during a TV appearance and of course while she is on stage.  She encouraged the idea so that others would follow her example.

We wondered whether women agreed – watch for their reaction.  Dominance was of interest to the women.



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