French Astronaut Set for ISS Mission – launch Nov 17 – Live

French Astronaut set for ISS Mission
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French Astronaut Set for ISS Mission. Lift-off is 17 November 12:30 GMT – we’ll be LIVE from the European Space Centre for the big launch!  The ISS is a joint venture with Russia.

With a background as an aerospace engineer and commercial pilot, Thomas Pesquet is the youngest member of ESA’s astronaut corps. He has been through some gruelling challenges that prepares him for the space journey.

Having completed seven years of the international training since his selection in 2009.  He is now ready to become the tenth French national to travel into orbit for the European Space Centre.

His stay onboard the International Space Station – known as the Proxima mission – will last around six months.  He is expected to carry out roles similar to the ones British Astronaut, Tim Peake did on his journey. Pesquet’s skills will be valuable for the ISS.

So his return will be in spring 2017.  But there will be connections with him and his crew members during the orbit.  There will be regular communications with earth.

During his preps for the mission he and Tim Peake often trained together and became good friends. Among the challenges Thomas has to go through was climbing, cave living, underwater exercises as well as simulating life in orbit.

Thomas said he will miss his family while in space.  He was concerned about feeling helpless should anything happen to them while he’s in orbit.  He added there would be nothing he could do because of his venture on ISS.


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