Trump Victory Shockwaves Reach UK – street reaction can’t believe it!

Trump Victory Shockwaves Reach UK
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Trump Victory Shockwaves Reach UK.  No-one could believe that such an outrageous, arrogant, rude personality could win the U.S. Presidential race.

But they were wrong.  Donald Trump succeeded winning the most powerful job in the world with 279 in the state votes and Hillary Clinton 228.

Huge disappointed and tears among Clinton supporters.  They couldn’t believe it.  This reaction led to the description ‘US Brexit’ of the result.

Hillary Clinton said ‘sorry’ for not making it to the Whitehouse.  She said Trump “must be given a chance to lead”.

Excitement spread among the Trump supporters who couldn’t believe they had just made history.  He vowed to be a “President for all”.

In January Donald Trump will become the 45th President of the United States.

We got street reaction. Some were stunned by the win others felt it could be a major turning point in global politics.

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