ESA Ready to Launch Next ISS Astronaut – video

ESA Ready to Launch Next ISS Astronaut

ESA ready to launch next ISS Astronaut. Thomas Pesquet has been in training at Russia’s Star City in preparation for blast-off day November 17. We will be live streaming

The launch, to the International Space Station, will be in the early hours of the morning on November 17.  But Thomas won’t be alone. With him will be two others.  NASA is sending astronaut Peggy Whitson and the third crew member will be Roscosmos commander Oleg Novitsky.

But up until now astronaut Thomas has had a busy schedule training.  He needs to achieve a level so that he can pass the different tests.  Among them is a manual reentry exam and piloting the craft back to Earth safely in a simulation.

In mid-October the three astronauts went through the procedure of learning these key elements for the mission. They enacted several rendezvous and docking with the Space Station in the Soyuz simulator. They were praised for their skills and qualities and given recognition for their hard work during the training process.

With the right certificates in hand Thomas is now set to carry out his mission and blast-off for ISS in November. It will be his first flight.

He did say he found some of the training was a little ‘painful’.  He admitted that sitting inside the simulator for long periods of time was difficult to adjust to.

But he’s come to terms with it and is definitely ready and fit to put on his space suit and join his crew mates for the flight into space.  He will be there for six months

British Astronaut

Britain’s Tim Peake returned to earth in June this year, Thomas was there to meet and congratulate him on his successful mission. The two spent time together so that Thomas could be briefed by Tim about the six month experience on the International Space Station. Tim will watch the launch

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