Ed Balls Nearly Drops Partner – judges scathing – Ed Balls Day!

Ed Balls nearly drops partner

Now watch full version of the dance sequence and the Judges response!

Ed Balls Nearly Drops Partner. He and his lovely partner Katya were dancing the American Smooth.  Ed said it was going to be his best dance ever.

But halfway through there was near disaster. The final lift began to turn into a nightmare.

He struggled to place Katya onto his shoulder and then he grabbed hold of her with his two hands as she looked as if she was going to fall.

The crowd was shouting and screaming as they watched Ed Balls in deep trouble struggling to keep his partner on his shoulder.

Thank goodness she didn’t fall but it was a horrendous moment and mistake which affected their rating and put them at the bottom of the scoreboard.

And the judges were outraged.  Not one of them was sympathetic toward the incident. In fact they warned him of the danger of being over ambitious.

Don’t forget WATCH the video for the ‘shock’ moment and the comments


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