ExoMars Probe Parachute Opened Early – Schiaparelli crash landed

Schiaparelli found

ExoMars Probe parachute opened early.  An American satellite has identified the spot where the Schiaparelli has landed.  Friday October 21 ESA released an image taken by the NASA Mars Orbiter which shows the location.  It appears the craft crash-landed onto the surface of the red planet.

In the video on the 20th October, scientists at the European Space Agency said they had received a large amount of data to help them work out what happened. But they would not confirm whether any of it could offer results of a soft or hard landing.

At a media conference at ESOC in Germany, they told journalists they were confident the Schiaparelli had been a success.  However they admitted there were parachute problems.  The data they received, apparently, did not match what they were expecting.

There’s strong speculation among some monitoring the space venture that the probe may have crash landed. It s called a ‘hard’ landing, but ESA were talking more of a ‘soft’ landing.

However, Andrea Accomazzo, head of operations for ESA’s planetary mission, believes that once they receive information beamed from the “mothership’ they will be able to examine it.

When done they will be able to  provide answers they need.  He says it will take a day or two to study what they have received.

ESA’s Andrea Accomazzo did not accept anything had gone wrong with Schiaparelli. And he was not ready to say that errors could have happened except that there had been problems with the parachute.

He pointed out in the video that with hardware data they had gathered they would be able to provide a more constructive response.

video and animation courtesy ESA


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