Protests Against Brexit at Irish Border Counties – video

Protests Against Brexit at Irish Border Counties
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Protests Against Brexit at Irish Border Counties. People gathered at six of the areas where crossings take place.  At the moment no restrictions.

Hundreds of people taken part in protests on the border with the Republic of Ireland to protest against the UK leaving the European Union.

Organised following the Prime Minister’s announcement that she would trigger Article 50 to begin the Brexit process before the end of March next year.

Theresa May said does not want to see a return to the “borders of the past”. But the communities living on either side of the border with the Republic of Ireland, say not reassured. The Republic will remain in the EU.

There were six locations where protests were staged across the border Saturday 8th October 2016.  Each area called for no change.

Declan Fearon from Border Communities Against Brexit, told UTV, a hard border would have huge implications across both sides.

It makes a huge difference if you impose a hard border by allowing customs checkpoints to be re-erected”, he said.

There are over 300 border crossings from here all the way up to Derry. Does that mean we have to go back to the past where all of those minor roads were actually closed so it divided farms and communities?”

The demonstrations come at the end of a week when the pound plunged to its worst depths in decades.  It happened after the Prime Minister laid out her Brexit timetable at the Conservative Party Conference.

Economists have warned the value of the pound could remain uncertain for some time. 

Video report by UTV



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