Worlds Biggest Lego Structure Launches New Land Rover – Tower Bridge

Worlds biggest Lego structure launches new Land Rover

Worlds Biggest Lego Structure Launches New Land Rover with guest stars.  It was a massive success as it drove through Tower Bridge.

Britain’s Land Rover launched its new Discovery sports utility vehicle by breaking a Guinness World Record for the largest LEGO structure ever built.

The new Land Rover vehicles emerged through the replica of London’s Tower Bridge which was constructed from over 5.8 million individual interlocking bricks. The building block bridge was designed by Jamie.

They broke the previous Guinness World Record by 470,646 pieces.  An amazing fete.

The Tower Bridge structure was built by UK-based Lego master-builders.  It took five months to construct. When it was laid out end to end, the bricks would stretch from London to Paris, a distance of 200 miles.

Long-term Land Rover Discovery owners, Bear Grylls, Sir Ben Ainslie and Zara Phillips took part in the dynamic live launch event. All of them drive a Land Rover.

You will see Bear Grylls do his helicopter stunt and race to the post.

The launch took place along side a 13-metre high Lego landmark structure which stood more than twice the height of a standard two-storey house. A huge venture

Watch the video for the action

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