ESA Astronauts Train For ISS Mission – working out in Houston

ESA Astronauts Train for ISS Mission

ESA Astronauts Train for ISS Mission at the Johnson Space Centre in Houston. Thomas Pesquet from France will shortly become the last member of ESA’s 2009 Astronaut Corps selection to fly to the International Space Station. 

His launch is scheduled November for a six-month stay in orbit.  During his time there he’ll be carrying out maintenance activities as well as a packed schedule of experiments. Medicine, science and technology are the main areas of research. 

Pesquet has been training at NASA’s Johnson Space Centre in Houston, Texas, alongside veteran ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli from Italy. Paolo will be going to the ISS for the third time after Thomas’s return to Earth. 

Europe now has an almost permanent presence in orbit.

Thomas Pesquet mission to the ISS follows British astronaut Tim Peake’s journey.  They both spent some time together soon after Peake returned to earth in June. Thomas was inspired by their meeting and said he learned a few tips about life in orbit.

Britain is a member of the European Space Agency and despite Brexit it remains in the ESA. Having Tim Peake as part of the space team has sparked further missions.


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