David Smith bags brilliant boccia gold👏👏 – catch the blue mohawk

David Smith Bags brilliant boccia gold

David Smith bags brilliant boccia gold. The Beijing 2008 gold medallist earns the coveted boccia gold after a fine display in the BC1 final.  David’s skills as a player were excellent to watch and won great admiration from an excited crowd.

Smith grabbed the BC1 individual final by the scruff of the neck yesterday September 16,  and refused to let go, winning Britain’s first boccia medal of these Games.

Swinging his throwing arm back and forth no fewer than a dozen times ahead of his big clear-out shots, the 27-year-old from Swansea resembled an artist sweeping his brush across a canvas.  He was attentive to the most minute details before greeting every successful effort with a triumphant roar.

Back in 2012 the young science engineer won silver in the London Olympics.  He said he was proud of his success at the time.  But as the last four years have passed by he became more determined to make it to gold at the next Olympic Games and that was Rio 2016.  David Smith got his gold

It is rare for athletes to be ‘outrageous’ with their hairstyles but in the case of David Smith it’s different. While he only wanted to draw attention to his style of play it was his hair that captured most. Catch his blue mohawk hairstyle which won him the title of the ‘showman’ of the Paralympic Games in Rio.

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