Tim Peake Reveals Workload on Space Trip – he tells all

Tim Peake reveals workload on space trip
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Tim Peake reveals workload on space trip when he spoke at a live stream event organised by the European Space Agency.

The British Astronaut was guest speaker on the second of two days of space talk at the London Museum.

Peake had a great deal to talk about.  He said there were constant space modules dropping by to unload supplies.

He said the International Space Station was fifty years old and needed to have a lot of its wiring replaced.  It was a ‘minefield’ and a lot of work.

But despite being busy Tim Peake was able to connect with schools in ten different countries from across the globe. He said he was able to connect with 23 schools and found it very rewarding.  The enthusiasm of the kids made the project worthwhile.

There was something during his space travels that he thought he was not interested in.  That was photography. It didn’t take him long to develop the skills of operating a digital camera and he ended up taking some stunning stuff.

It’s all in the video – don’t miss it he tells a great story



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