Superb Ellie Simmonds Grabs Gold 👏👏 – she’s a darling!

superb Ellie Simmonds grabs gold

Superb Ellie Simmonds Grabs Gold.  Ellie retains her Paralympic title with a world record in the SM6 200m individual medley.  She now holds 5 Paralympic gold medals.

Ellie is known as the British darling of London 2012 and is the poster girl once more.  Sports critics have described her medley as heroic and fearless.  She was superb

Later, she spoke about how it had been a difficult race and wasn’t sure about winning.  She told Channel 4  “It’s not sunk in what I’ve done yet. I know my time was under three minutes so I’m really happy with it.”

Simmonds, born with achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism, was watched by her family.  They had travelled from Swansea to watch the amazing swimmer and cried tears of joy at the champion’s performance.

Ellie, who has a title of OBE, began her gold career in Beijing in 2008 and she hasn’t stopped since.  We want her to keep going

video Channel Four

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