Rosetta Grand Finale – mission ends – watch again!

Rosetta Grand Finale its last image

Rosetta Grand Finale – it landed on the icy surface Sept 30. The mission ended at approximately 12.20pm BST.  But you can watch it again!

ESA’s historic Rosetta mission has concluded as planned, with the controlled impact onto the comet it had been investigating for more than two years.  Apparently, it was an icy crash

European Space Agency scientists say the satellite has come to the end of its useful life and they want to get some final, ultra-close measurements.

Rosetta is not expected to survive the impact with Comet 67P. 

As it draws near there are detailed views of the comet’s cliffs, boulders and plains. There are amazing sites as Rosetta will be able to observe changes since the orbiter’s arrival.

For example, a ten tonne boulder has moved by 140 metres. It was most likely due to activity during perihelion, when the comet was at its closest point to the Sun.

Rosetta will spiral down to a landing site on the head of the duck shaped comet, performing science activity and taking images along the way.

It has been one of the most exciting space journey’s in space.  It’s travels are expected to reveal fascinating progress of its mission.

We join the European Space Station live stream for Rosetta grand finale Sept 30 at 8.50am BST


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