Corbyn and Smith Out of the Box – Corbyn Wins Leadership

Corbyn and Smith Out of the Box
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Corbyn and Smith out of the box is a cheeky look at some factual data relating to these two ambitious Labour politicians

The Labour Party leadership battle is over. Jeremy Corbyn has won.  He was challenged by Owen Smith MP and in reality both did not like each other very much.

Well their names were on the voting card and its thought tens of thousands put the name of the one of the contenders on the ballot. Members are the only ones who can take part in the selection process. Because of this there’s was a sudden surge in the number of people who wanted to be party members. But they could only do it if they paid £25.

However, here, in this video, are some interesting facts that takes them out of the box and even gives a different more light-hearted view of the two contenders.

How is Jeremy Corbyn going as leader of the Labour Party?  He has had his ups and downs since winning.



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