Usain Bolt Greatest Sprinter in History 👏👏 – Rio 2016 video

Usain Bolt Greatest Sprinter in History

Usain Bolt Greatest Sprinter in History. The Jamaican completed the triple triple before declaring himself  ‘the greatest’ and vowing ‘this is the last one’

It was a mighty performance by the legendary Bolt, 29, as he won his ninth Olympic Gold bringing an end to his sprinting career.

Bolt helped Jamaica lead 4x100m relay gold having already won the 100m and 200m individual titles, to match his successes at Beijing 2008 and London 2012

He said “I live for these moments, I am the greatest, the greatest.”

Usain Bolt had already said he would be “immortal” if he pulled it off, and after his last ever Olympic race he said: “There you go, I am the greatest.”  He never stopped reminding himself and the rest of the world of his historic moment

The amazing sprinter may not perform at an Olympic Games again but it’s not likely to be the last time we see him at a global event

Usain Bolt has announced his retirement from athletics. The champion not yet revealed what plans for the future.  But it won’t matter.  Whatever Usain does his fans will love.

There’s talk the big screen could be where he’ll be seen next! Ideally, there are many who would like to see him back on the track.  However, he could just be the greatest in the movies and that is not a bad idea.

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