Jade Jones Wins Taekwondo Gold 👏👏 – great flicks and kicks

Jade Jones wins Taekwondo gold

Jade Jones wins Taekwondo Gold making her a double Olympic champion. It was a prize she was not expecting to win

The athlete spun, flicked and kicked her way to gold in Rio with a nerveless, ruthless and fearless performance last night.  Spectators cheered her on – Jade was on her way to winning

Jones admitted she struggled to cope with the hype of her Olympic win at London 2012, aged just 19. Before arriving in Rio she even admitted puzzlement at her profile, saying: “I’ve come from a council house in Flint. I’m just a little local girl.”

At the end of Rio 2016 the little local girl left with two Taekwondo Olympic gold medals.  Jade is a champion.  The young Welsh girl has made us proud.  TeamGB is proud

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