Gold and Silver for GBs Brownlee Brothers👏👏 helping hand across finish lines

Gold and Silver for GBs Brownlee Brothers

Gold and silver for GBs Brownlee Brothers at Rio 2016.  Alistair Brownlee has become the first two-time Olympic triathlon champion as brother Jonathan takes silver on day 13 of the Olympic Games.

Alistair’s stunning performance means he has won Britain’s 20th gold medal of the Rio games.

Alistair, 28, pulled away from 26-year-old Jonny around halfway through the 10k run in sweltering conditions.

The Yorkshire pair were close throughout the swim, cycle and road race stages, with Alistair walking over the line six seconds ahead.  They helped each across the finish line as the heat took over

Henri Shoeman of South Africa claimed the bronze medal.

Alistair Brownlee is the first athlete to win successive Olympic triathlon titles, while Jonny improved on the bronze medal he won at London 2016

Alistair picked up British and local Yorkshire flags just before sauntering through the finish line

The two are close siblings they live together, train together and compete together.  We are proud!

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