PM Wishes Team GB Good Luck in Rio – video

PM Wishes Team GB Good Luck in Rio
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The PM wishes Team GB good luck in Rio in a special message for the athletes.

She recorded a video which was posted on You Tube just before the spectacular opening ceremony of the Olympic Games and in time to reach Team.

In her speech she made references to Britain being one country, one nation, the United Kingdom:

“English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish all together with one flag, singing one anthem and supporting one team. Our team. Team GB.  So Good Luck in Rio – and I say to the whole country, let’s ‘Bring on the Great’ this summer.”

The Prime Minister would have been proud to see Andy Murray carry the flag for Britain at the opening ceremony.  He had a strong grip on the flag as he held it in his left hand and led dozens of medal hopefuls in the Olympic parade.

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