Wonder Women in Power – world leaders – international women’s day

Wonder Women in power

There’s a whole new meaning for wonder women these days as a number of females are fast becoming powerful and successful as world leaders. Their success has been outstanding.

The women currently attracting most attention for their strength and determination are the leaders in Britain, Germany, United States and Scotland.  They are constantly in the headlines.

There’s Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, who has been described as the most powerful woman in the world.  It is also said she dominates the European Union.

Nicola Sturgeon has done well and also manoeuvred her political career toward success.  She had built up a lot of attention with her tough approach on politics. Also on her persistent stand on independence for Scotland.

But the most impressive and current females in power are Theresa May  Britain’s second woman Prime Minister and Hillary Clinton. She was on the verge of being first woman President of the United States.  But was Trumped.  It was a huge disappointment across the globe. Hillary has a lot of status but for some reason didn’t make the presidency.

Prime Minister Theresa May is just hanging on by a thread. She now is embroiled in sorting out Brexit. It is a huge task.  Constant battles with MPs mainly from her side of politics. But determined to do the job.

Will Theresa May survive in the end? Can she do it? Mrs May has a long battle ahead of her. The country called for the UK to leave the EU. The nation wants out. PM needs to sort it. Support or no support.  The video has another side of Theresa May.

Here’s data on these women that takes them out of the box.


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