British Take on US Presidency – Trump Victory

British take on US Presidency

America has voted for Donald Trump. He has won the US Presidential election.

Going back when the battle got started.

The British take on US Presidency favours a woman to win the election. Hillary Clinton is the first woman ever to be nominated for president by a major party. She won the support in a vote from all 50 states at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. It has been a close race and right up to the last minute it was certain who would win.

In Cleveland, Donald Trump, the billionaire businessman who galvanised millions of voters, was voted in as the Republican presidential nominee.

Here in the UK, Donald Trump has fallen out of favour with the public.  He had made some controversial comments concerning Muslims and London police.  At the time there were calls to have him banned him from entering Britain.

Later, when he dropped into Scotland where he has golfing business interests he was met with a protest from the locals.  He was not welcome and they called for him to leave. got some street reaction from the British public. They were in no doubt about who they wanted to be elected as President of the United States.

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