Tim Peake Mission Highlights – landed Jun 18

Tim Peake mission highlights

Tim Peake Mission Highlights.  Catch some of the Tim Peake mission highlights as the British astronaut prepares for earth and winding up his role on the International Space Station.

He’ll be on his way back home 18 June 2016. He will have completed a successful series of activities with ESA’s Principia in Russia’s International Soyuz spacecraft.

He’s been up there for six months.  During that time he has carried out a substantial amount of experimental, educational and operational activities both onboard and outside the station.

Remember how Tim got to drink water? You’ll get to see it again in this video wrap

You’ll see more in the summary of the British astronaut performing his biggest dream!

What are your views about our popular spaceman?  Tim Peake loves his profession and dedicated to the industry.


Do you enjoy watching Tim in space.  He certainly feels at home there.  Would you like him to do it again?  This is what he would like to do.


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