Marcel Desailly Leads Fan Revolution EURO 2016 – winner

Marcel Desailly leads Fan Revolution

Marcel Desailly Leads Fan Revolution for EURO 2016 with Carlsberg offering free tickets to matches

The legendary former France defender and winner of UEFA EURO 2000™ has teamed up with Carlsberg. This is to launch a new campaign to make sure EURO 2016 is a tournament for the people. It includes a film about ‘La Revolution’, the french revolution, that stars Marcel Desailly.

Together they want more fans than ever to watch their football stars in action.  Marcel Desailly also talks teams. He forecasts France will win this year’s Euro Cup but admits Germany and England could prove great challengers.

Watch Marcel Desailly the ‘film’ star as he talks Euro 2016.

He is a great personality to watch.  Very appealing and good to listen to.

What are your thoughts?  What do you think of Marcel?  Drop by our comment box below and let us know how you feel about him.


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