Graffiti Gallery to Olympics – awesome artwork

Graffiti Gallery to Olympics
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Drawing on walls in many cases is illegal but somehow a Graffiti Gallery on a wall near the London 2012 Olympic grounds escaped being caught out.

The athletic Stadium overlooked one of the capitals busiest canals. And along the canals were walls crying out for a lick of paint. Teams of workers were brought in to ‘tidy-up’. However artists with big brushes got there first and painted the walls with some amazing Graffiti. followed the artwork as it snaked along the canal by the Stadium

Don’t miss the video.  It was doing the shoot.  A lovely warm day with lots of sunshine.  Helped make the video look really good.

The artwork was fantastic to look at making the canal wall for pretty amazing.  Have you seen it by any chance?  If at the Olympics you may have been lucky to catch some of it.  But we believe a lot of it had been removed.

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