Pop Up Village for Homelessness – can be moved

Pop Up Village for homelessness
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The UK has its first pop-up village for the homelessness to help provide housing for the community in the area.

A council in south-east London has built a cluster of homes to house families forced to live in B&Bs in other parts of the capital.

The Place/Ladywell is a project that provides 24 homes and 880 sq m of business space and can be picked up and moved at a later date. The estate will help ease the burden of those who have to live in bed and breakfast hotels and not impose on other councils for accommodation.

Lewisham has 9,135 on its waiting list for homes, 540 of them in temporary accommodation in B&B, mostly outside the borough. Rent expected to be set between social rents and market rents. First tenants were due to move in summer 2016.

Take a look at the video about the pre-fab housing and watch reaction locals gave to

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