Leicester City FC Fans Proud – Premier League Champions👏

Leicester City FC Fans Proud

Leicester City is at the top of the pack on the Premier League table.  The trophy is their first ever making it a historic win.

Their success began when they had a thumping 3-1 win at Manchester City on Saturday Feb 6 that stunned football fans across the country.

The Foxes’ victory has put them five points clear and installed them as title favourites with every bookmaker.

In the heart of the city ynuk.tv found fans who were overjoyed and proud of their team.

What a great performance by the football team.  Did you get to see any of their games?  Let us know if you did.  Give us your thoughts about their performance.  Drop by our comment box and leave us a message.  We are here 24/ and would love to hear from you

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