EU Exit or Unite – protest in 2011

EU referendum demo

EU Exit or Unite was a vote in parliament to decide on whether the public should be allowed to consider the membership of Britain in the European Union

In October 2011 MPs voted against a call to hold a referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union. During the debate about 200 people, mainly from the UK Independent Party, UKIP, demonstrated outside the House of Commons in favour of a referendum.


They were behind a 100,000 strong cross-party petition for the debate to be held.  UKIP has maintained its campaign for a referendum because they believe the Union is more of a problem and encourages unwanted migration

EU Exit or Unite

But the call from supporters of UKIP was not heard and MPs went against the idea of a referendum.  At the time it was thought that to have a vote was too soon and relations with the EU were going well

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