Donald Trump Debate – he’s called a “wazzock”😀

Donald Trump Debate
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Many MPs seemed to enjoy the opportunity to have a go at Donald Trump, the Republican hoping to become President of the United States.

Just about all of them attacked him over his controversial comments concerning Muslims and not allowing them in the US.

Some described the debate as a great day for democracy but in reality they could not enforce a ban even if they wanted to!

But they got to call him names saying his remarks were “poisonous” and that he was a “wazzock”. (Not sure what that means)😬

An online petition calling for Donald Trump to be barred from entering the UK won the right to hold the debate after receiving record 570,000 signatures from people across the country.

It was set up when he called for a halt to Muslims entering the US following the deadly California shootings in December.

Also, he criticised London where he said police feared for their lives because of radicalised areas in the capital.

Prime Minister David Cameron has rejected the remarks but does not believe he should be barred from entering the UK.



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