The People of Brixton – diversity reigns

The People of Brixton
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The People of Brixton from Damien Swaby on Vimeo.

The People of Brixton – Welcome Damien Swaby to you and your production of life and characters in one of London’s most exciting suburbs. We think it rocks!  This is why Damien picked up his camera to take a current look at Brixton.

“Apparently Brixton is now the go-to place for those who want to pretend their gap-year never ended.
The area has become an attractive inner London location for London’s young professionals.
More long-standing residents feel its segregated by class which makes Brixton divided and unequal. The constant novelty and change, and the pace and way in which it has taken place has not brought the community along with them in the eyes of some in the community.
This new cadence to life in Brixton panders to a new influx who see it as a counterpoise to their stable white collar world. It’s believed it is not being done in a way that feels expansive, inclusive or ambitious for all.
I hadn’t visited Brixton for twenty years and after all I read about the changes in the area I thought I would make a documentary about The People of Brixton.”

The People of Brixton starts back in the eighties and nineties when there was a deep divide between Police and the Caribbean community.  It didn’t last – violence and police brutality brought them together.

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