Tim Peake Space Walk Ends Early – makes history for Britain

both astronauts back inside


British astronaut Tim Peake and American Tim Kopra ended their spacewalk early and are back inside.

When Kopra reported water in his helmet the decision was taken to return to airlock.  NASA said neither of them were in danger and that it was procedure to end a mission when such incidents occur.  The two were praised for their work and their ability to return without further problems.

The spacewalk lasted 4 hours and 43 minutes. Tim Peake made history by being the first British astronaut to walk in space.

The two Tims mission successfully completed the first part of their job by sealing the Solar Shunt Unit. It was a bit tricky but NASA said all was in place and operating perfectly.  The outside mission is Tim Peake’s  first venture in space walking and represents a giant leap for Britain’s space ambitions.

Scroll down and take a look at Paul McCartney’s tweet to Tim Peake on his mission


The two arrived at the Space Station on 15 December and this will be their second involvement in a spacewalk: Tim Peake assisted Tim Kopra and Station commander Scott Kelly when they moved an equipment carrier on 21 December. This spacewalk (EVA) will last around six hours, with the two astronauts working closely together to replace a faulty unit and lay some cabling.


Did you get to see this amazing space walk?  It was terrific to watch.  View the video again.  You will love it.  What do you think of Britain’s role in space?  Isn’t Tim a great guy?  His heart and soul is dedicated to space.  His whole life devoted to working in space.  Is that good for the UK?  Great to have such a successful spaceman connected with out space.

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Special tweet from Paul McCartney to Tim Peake:


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