Re-imagine Democracy – the Constitution

re-imagine democracy

Re-imagine democracy was the theme of a meeting held in London to talk and debate the constitution.

It is part of the Assemblies for Democracy, a group of citizens that has emerged from the Peo­ples Parliament supported by Labour’s Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell.

The group got together to discuss the current challenges and to Re-imagine democracy toward a new constitution. Speakers included Natalie Bennett, leader of the Green Party and John Hendy QC and Institute Of Employment Rights.

Natalie Bennett tackled the subject of devolution and questioned whether regions were ready for the change.  John Hendy gave a rousing view on the Trade Union Bill which he says wants to destroy the Trade Unions rights to strike.  He called on all the supporters of the Assemblies to fight the bill and publicly protest any planned changes in workers rights.

John McDonnell was due to address the gathering but pulled out following the Paris attacks.

Plans are underway to hold a convention next Spring. This is where more discussion will be held on a new constitution. visit  to stay in touch with developments.

Catch the video to see how the group is surging ahead toward a convention on the Constitution

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