Premiere League Caps Away Tickets at £30 – after fans protest 👏

Football Fans Ticket Protest
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Premiere League has set a cap on away games at £30 and it will be for three seasons. Many say it has been a victory for the fans! They had asked for £20 but new long-term deal virtually matches it.

Football supporters have been calling for a drop in prices for some time and held ‘twenty’s plenty’ demonstrations outside matches across the country.

They were angry when they saw that a recent study found England’s top matches were the most expensive in the world with an average cost of £53.67 per game. Apparently that is more than double the Bundesliga average.

The Football Supporters’ Federation mobilised a 2-day “Twenty’s Plenty” campaign last October focussing on away fans whose costs end-up being high. The FSF say money has flowed into football making players, owners, executives, and agents richer.  The Federation also revealed that nine out of ten fans felt that football is too expensive and their loyalty and commitment to their clubs is exploited.

While football fans campaigned for a drop in cost of tickets they admitted they were paying the asking price so they could get to see their favourite teams play.  Generally most matches have a stadium filled with exuberant fans who help bring in profits for the Club found football fans taking action at Chelsea v Southampton match at Stamford Bridge and Arsenal v Manchester United at Arsenal.


Were the football fans right to protest?  Cost of seeing a match is quite high.  Thank goodness Premier League listened and capped the entry cost.  What do you think.  Are the prices still too high?  Would you like to see a drop in price?  Let us know.



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